Housing for older people: services and asset reviews

Housing asset and property review

Our services

  • Strategic planning:
    • Market intelligence to forecast demand for supported housing and help produce local plans
    • Research and support for operators, commissioners and policy makers
  • Strategic asset reviews:
    • housing for older people, including sheltered / retirement housing, extra care housing, almshouses and other community-led housing for older adults
    • supported housing services
  • Service fitness for purpose and demand assessments
  • Review of service models and performance
  • Housing/property options appraisals

Case Study

Sheltered housing service and property portfolio review


London Borough

Our role

Undertaking a review of the Council’s sheltered housing service and property portfolio


  • To review the current and future suitability of the Council’s sheltered housing services and properties
  • To provide an evidence-based options appraisal of the sheltered housing portfolio


  • We provided a comprehensive assessment of the fitness for purpose of the sheltered housing service and associated properties
  • We produced a clear strategy for the Council regarding the future use and role of each sheltered housing property and revitalising the service.