Extra Care Key Subjects

What is Extra Care Housing?

Exploring the definitions of Extra Care Housing.

Funding Extra Care Housing

Information about the capital funding systems for extra care and in particular the Dept of Health Extra Care Housing Fund bidding process.

Commissioning Extra Care Housing

Information to assist commissioners and planners in areas such as assessing the market for provision, decisions about the revenue funding, re-modelling existing services, delivering outcomes and links to intermediate care.

Extra Care Strategies

Information to assist strategic commissioners in developing strategies for extra care housing including examples of strategies developed in various part of England.

Provision and Operating Extra Care Housing

Information to assist commissioners and providers in the operational planning of support services and workforce issues in extra care. Statistics on levels of extra care provision in England are also provided.

Marketing Extra Care Housing

Information to assist providers and developers market Extra Care Housing for older people and help draw on techniques that promote housing with care choices across a mix of tenures.

Evaluation and Benefits

Examples of evaluations of extra care development.

Workforce and Staffing

Guidance on issues of staff management and competencies.

Tenants/service users

Information about issues such as user involvement, mixed tenure, nominations and charging.

Housing with care locator

A database that covers over 1300 housing developments across the UK that offer or facilitate care services.

Housing for Older People

Information about a range of designated housing for older people, including extra care, sheltered/retirement housing, almshouses and cohousing.

Extra Care Videos

A selection of videos illustrating different approaches to delivering extra care housing

Key Resources

Extra Care Housing: What is it?

Factsheet No1. The factsheet reflects continuity and change since the early 2000’s. Extra care housing provision has evolved in response to many different local circumstances and opportunities.

SHOP Toolkit

These Housing LIN resources cover the essential components of planning, designing and delivering housing that older people want, including extra care housing in England and Wales.

Care and Support in Housing with Care for Older People: Policy Technical Brief

This Housing LIN Policy Technical Brief covers changes in the national policy framework since the 2010 Technical Brief on care and support in Extra Care Housing was written.

Funding Extra Care Housing

This update of the Housing LIN Technical Brief no 2 'Funding Extra Care Housing' details the sources of capital and revenue funding driving new investment opportunities for developing new extra care housing and maintaining the viability of existing provision.

Extra Care Housing Toolkit

This toolkit has been replaced by the Strategic Housing for Older People Resource Pack, however you may find it useful background information.

Marketing Extra Care Housing

This report was commissioned by the Housing Learning and Improvement Network (LIN) at the Department of Health.

Living Labs: a brave new world of customer driven extra care housing

This Housing LIN Viewpoint no 32 gives a personal view on the need for improvements in the way commissioners and providers of extra care housing involve and engage with existing and prospective residents.

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