Commissioning Extra Care Housing

These pages contain items that relate to the commissioning of extra care housing. The information is split into nine main topics:

  • Private Sector - advice aimed at helping developers and managers from the private sector and commissioners from the public sector to form partnerships
  • Regeneration - advice and examples of different regeneration projects, exploring how older people benefit and how they can be involved in the process.
  • Planning - information to assist commissioners at the early stages of planning extra care developments, including aspects like costing, deciding between new build and remodelling, overall contracts with providers and private sector potential.
  • Registration - guidance on the requirements for registration of types of care and support services that may be provided in extra care housing.
  • Intermediate Care - advice and examples regarding the use of extra care housing for intermediate care (i.e. for short term support to avoid hospital admission or facilitate discharge)
  • Design - information about the impact of design on the outcomes for users of extra care housing.
  • Remodelling - information about the implications of converting sheltered housing or residential homes into extra care housing.
  • Health & Wellbeing - descriptions of how extra care housing can improve mental and physical health, including the integration of health services into extra care provision.
  • Care Costs - valuable information on latest policy and practice, and a useful insight into how revenue funding of extra care housing can be viable.