Funding Matters - Capital Funding

Whether seeking capital investment or securing revenue streams, there has never been a more challenging time for commissioners, developers and operators seeking to plan, develop or operate housing with care and support such as extra care housing and other forms of specialist/supported housing for rent or for sale.

Our Funding Specialised Housing subtopic provides useful resources specifically on access to general capital while our DHSC Capital Funding Programme pages signposts to dedicated capital funding streams in England.

In particular, we highlight the legacy Department of Health's 2013-2015 (Phase One), the 2015-2018 (Phase Two) & 2018-2021 (Phase Two Extension) Care and Support Specialised Housing (CASSH) Fund arrangements administered by Homes England (HE) and GLA in London, and the HE's Affordable Housing Programme arrangements.

Following the publication of the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC) Adult Social Care Reform White Paper in December 2021, and the announcement of a further £210m of CASSH capital funding over 3 years (2022-2025) alongside a £300m fund over the same period to ensure that local communities are better placed to understand the need for housing within local strategic health and care planning, the Housing LIN is waiting for specific details to be released so we can share this with you. 

On funding supported housing more generally, the Housing LIN is collating a range other resources on the capital funding mechanisms, including grants administered by NHS England to meet priorities support originally set out in ‘Building the right home’, and the DLUHC’s supported housing improvement prospectus (opens new window).

Useful older documents

For more information on revenue funding care and support in extra care housing, visit our commissioning extra care housing pages