Funding Matters - Extra Care Housing

There has never been a more challenging time for commissioners, developers and providers seeking to secure capital investment and/or sustainable revenue streams for extra care housing.

The information set out under the subtopic in the left-hand side menu offer a selection of useful resources specifically on access to general capital funding pots and also signpost to dedicated capital funding streams in England. In particular, we highlight the Department of Health's 2013-2015 (Phase One), the 2015-2018 (Phase Two) & 2018-2021 (Phase Two Extension) Care and Support Specialised Housing Fund arrangements, and the HCA's Affordable Housing Programme arrangements.

Housing LIN Technical BriefCover_TechBrief02

This recent update of our Funding Extra Care Housing Technical Brief details the sources of capital and revenue funding driving new investment opportunities for developing new extra care housing and maintaining the viability of existing provision in England.

Set out in 3 parts, the Brief comprehensively covers:


More information from the Housing LIN on revenue funding care and support in extra care housing, visit our commissioning extra care housing pages