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Housing LIN Products

The Housing LIN regularly produces a number of different documents that you can access.

Current Projects

A brief overview of a number of projects that the Housing LIN is involved in.

DH ECH Schemes

Information and overview on each of the Department of Health (DH) funded Extra Care schemes.

Housing with care locator

Developed by the Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC), this comprehensive database covers over 1,300 housing developments across the UK that offer care services.

Inspirational Achievements

A showcase of ‘Inspirational Achievements’ by our partners. The focus could be an award winning design, an innovative service development, or the findings from pioneering new research.


A series of short films illustrating different approaches to delivering extra care housing.

Key Resources

SHOP Tools

These Housing LIN resources cover the essential components of planning, designing and delivering housing that older people want.

HAPPI reports

Housing our Ageing Population Panel for Innovation reports and overview.

Extra Care Housing Design Factsheet

Key design aims and principles and issues to consider when developing a brief for a new Extra Care scheme.

Care and Support in Housing with Care for Older People: Policy Technical Brief

This Housing LIN Policy Technical Brief covers changes in the national policy framework.

What is extra care housing?

A general up to date introduction into what extra care housing is as at 2015.

Hospital 2 Home Resource Pack

Essential information for all the professional sectors that have a role in hospital discharge for older people in England

Pioneering Health and Housing Memorandum of Understanding

Find out more about the MoU and its accompanying Action Plan.

Age-friendly housing: Future design for older people

Written by Julia Park & Jeremy Porteus, Age-Friendly Housing remind us that when we consider the hopes and needs of ‘older’ people, we are talking not about ‘other people’, but about ourselves.

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