Key Dementia Subjects

Personal stories

A collection of personal stories and examples of everyday experiences of people living with dementia

APPG Inquiry: Housing and Dementia

Information on this 2020 APPG on Housing and Care for Older People inquiry


Dementia-friendly Commissioning

Information that helps those involved in service commissioning and strategic planning for people with dementia

Dementia-friendly Provision

Case studies and documents to help you manage or provide: extra care and supported housing, specialist care and support services, and assistive technology

Dementia-friendly Design

How you can design and change the living environment for people with dementia, including extra care housing

Dementia-friendly Communities

Good practice examples and suggestions about how the wider community can be more welcoming and user-friendly for people living with dementia

Practice, Workforce and Training

Good practice advice and guidance for front-line staff and managers working with people who have dementia


Information on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the legislative framework for deprivation of liberty as they relate to the housing sector and dementia

Dementia Action Alliance

What it is, how to join, and useful information from DAA meetings

Dementia Sites

Useful links to other sources of dementia-related information and resources

Key resources

Housing for people with dementia – are we ready?

This APPG on Housing and Care for Older People Inquiry report pulls together the evidence presented to the Inquiry's expert Panel, the research and analysis undertaken to understand the housing implications of people living with dementia and makes over 40 key policy and practice recommendations for making dementia-readiness happen.

Dementia-friendly housing guide

The Alzheimer’s Society and Housing 21 have updated the 2017 Dementia Friendly Housing Charter. The new report helps to inform how housing organisations, corporate bodies and sector professionals on how housing, their design and supporting services, can help improve and maintain the wellbeing of people affected by dementia.

Prime Minister's challenge on dementia 2020

This report from the Prime Minister sets out the areas where the government believes it will be necessary for society to take sustained action in order to deliver this vision and to truly transform dementia care, support and research by 2020.

Dementia and housing: An assessment tool for local commissioning

Commissioned by Public Health England in partnership with Alzheimer's Society, the Local Government Association and the Housing LIN, this self-assessment tool focuses on local commissioning processes and decision-making.

MAKING A START - Dementia - Skilling The General Needs Housing Workforce

Supported by the Housing LIN and written by Sue Garwood on behalf of the Dementia and Housing Working Group, this new report and Resource Pack is aimed at providing information to assist housing providers in equipping their workforce with the knowledge and skills they need to work effectively with people who have dementia.

Independent Evaluation of The Guinness Partnership’s Dementia Project

The Housing LIN was commissioned by The Guinness Partnership to undertake an independent evaluation of the progress made in becoming a more dementia-friendly organisation.

Assistive technology as a means of supporting people with dementia: A Review

To coincide with the Housing LIN's involvement in the Prime Minister's challenge on dementia, we have published this helpful review of how AT can support people with dementia.

In Focus: Housing and Dementia

This brochure gives an overview of the Housing LIN's work to create a better understanding on the links between housing and dementia and promote our related online learning and regional improvement services.

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