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Technology for our Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation

Providing you with the knowledge and tools to improve the way technology is used to support people living independently.

Key Resources

Housing for people with dementia – are we ready?

Written by the Housing LIN, read the latest APPG Housing and Care for Older People Inquiry report on housing and dementia.

The TAPPI Inquiry Report: Technology for our Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation

This report identifies TAPPI Inquiry’s 10 foundational principles for technology for an ageing population.

Housing our Ageing Population

Capturing the learning from a selection of exemplar councils which demonstrate how they are playing a significant place-making role in shaping the current and future supply of housing for an ageing population

Spotlight on Extra Care Housing

Here you can view all 9 short films made  by the Housing LIN as part of our  'Spotlight on Extra Care Housing’ YouTube video series.

Adaptations Without Delay

This guide sets out a new framework that transforms how disabled and older people can better access advice or support with home adaptations

CollaborAGE: Co-production and community approaches

A directory of community-led and collaborative forms of housing and care

Age-friendly housing: Future design for older people

Sets out the key challenges and practical considerations in designing housing suitable for an ageing population.

DHCS Extra Care Scheme Directory

Information and overview on each of the Department of Health & Care Services (DHCS) funded CASSH and ECH schemes.