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Independent Evaluation of The Guinness Partnership’s Dementia Project

The Housing LIN was commissioned by The Guinness Partnership to undertake an independent evaluation of the progress made in becoming a more dementia-friendly organisation.

Key Resources

Designing Homes for Extra Care

Part of the 'Spotlight on Extra Care Housing’ video series, this Housing LIN #ECHvideo looks at the design process and philosophy behind designing a successful Extra Care Housing scheme.

Housing our Ageing Population: Learning from councils meeting the housing needs of our ageing population

Capturing the learning from a selection of exemplar councils which demonstrate how they are playing a significant place-making role in shaping the current and future supply of housing for an ageing population

Home from Hospital - Interactive Map

An interactive map showing a wide range of projects preventing delayed discharges from hospital due to a housing issue

Home from hospital: How housing services are relieving pressure on the NHS

This report articulates the housing offer and the diverse housing and health services provided by housing associations and local authorities

Improving Health and Care through the home: A National Memorandum of Understanding

Find out more about the MoU and its accompanying Action Plan.

Dementia Friendly Housing Charter: A guidance toolkit for a dementia-friendly approach to housing

Aims to help professionals in their support of people living with dementia in their homes and facilitate consistency and good practice.

Age-friendly housing: Future design for older people

Sets out the key challenges and practical considerations in designing housing suitable for an ageing population.

DHCS Extra Care Scheme Directory

Information and overview on each of the Department of Health & Care Services (DHCS) funded CASSH and ECH schemes.

More Information

Housing Networks

A list of Housing networks hosted on the HLIN website. Including HAA, HSAA, HCOPR and DHWG.

Learning from intergenerational housing projects in the USA – Part 2

What can we learn from the diverse intergenerational living models in the USA?