What are its Aims?

  • To raise the profile of the housing and housing related care and support needs and aspirations of an ageing population.
  • To make representations to Government, policy makers and decision making bodies concerning the above.

View the manifesto summarising the case for housing, planning, health, care and related policies that address housing and ageing.

Who are the Members?

Membership reflects a range of housing interests including older people who are active in housing related networks, national organisations from the statutory, voluntary and private sectors which are involved in the planning, development and delivery of housing and related services, academic interests and those involved in policy development and representation on various housing related advisory bodies.

The group has no funding - its key resource is the expertise and commitment of those involved.

H&AA Manifesto

At a time of unprecedented demographic change, it is critical that housing, planning, health and social care policies address population ageing. Our manifesto sets out a range of key proposals to ensure that all related policies aim to enable older people to live independently where they choose and provides the evidence why this cannot be ignored. Read the HAA manifesto and call for action.


Email: info@housinglin.org.uk

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