Current Projects

This page provides a brief overview of a number of projects that the Housing LIN is involved in. They include both new resources we have commissioned and research and/or good practice projects that we have been invited to participate in. Where known, we indicate when these projects are due for completion.

DH Care and Support Specialised Housing Fund

As set out in paragraph 66 of the bidding guidance accompanying the Department of Health's £315m specialised housing fund, over the next few years the Housing LIN will be responsible for capturing details of the schemes assessed by the HCA and GLA (London only) and awarded grant in Phases 1 and 2 of the funded programme.

As schemes are handed over into management, our knowledge and information exchange will consist of an online directory of all successful schemes, building on the platform developed for the DH's former extra care housing fund.

We will also be liaising with successful agencies and their partners to host study visits and regional Housing LIN meetings to find out more about all aspects of the procurement development process. For example, the local planning, commissioning, design specification and care management requirements.


ECHO Project

We are pleased to be a non-academic partner in a NIHR School for Social Care Research funded project to explore 'The Everyday Operation of Models of Social Care Provision within the Extra Care Housing Sector' (ECHO). Led by the School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol, and also involving the Universities of Kent and Worcester, the project builds on the earlier ASSET research and explores how care is negotiated and delivered within extra care housing schemes.

More about the ASSET project's findings at: (opens new window)

The UTOPIA project – Using Telecare for Older People In Adult social care (Final Findings)

At the time the Department of Health (DH) published its Building Telecare guidance there was some concern about the strength of evidence behind the policy. To settle this issue the DH commissioned a major study - the Whole System Demonstrator Project (WSD). This trial found that telecare didn't produce better outcomes for people who used it.

These findings came when Adult Social Care Departments (ASCDs) faced unprecedented budget cuts, and rising demand for adult social care through rapidly ageing populations. Many had developed telecare services and to date, there's little evidence they are scaling back on telecare due to WDS findings. This raises some interesting issues. Were the positive findings from early project evaluations just down to poor research design? Does evidence from the WSD mean the DH needs to review its telecare policies? If telecare doesn't work, why are ASCDs still using it?

A team of researchers has begun to look at this, starting by contacting telecare managers and exploring with them the ways telecare is being used, barriers and facilitators and lessons that can be shared. If you'd like to know more about the UTOPIA study, or might be interested in taking part, the research team would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Dr John Woolham, the lead researcher, at

Download Final UTOPIA research findings (opens new window).

HEARTH - Delivering Primary Health Care to Homeless People

This NIHR HS&DR funded study’s overall aim is to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of different models of delivering primary health care to homeless people, with special reference to their integration with other services and how this impacts on a range of health, social and economic outcomes. Undertaken by King's College London, the study has two phases:

  1. A systematic mapping exercise across England of the availability and characteristics of specialist primary health services for homeless people, and areas that have a homeless population but no specialist health services. 
  2. An evaluation of different models of providing primary health care to homeless people

The research is due to report in late 2017.


Forthcoming Housing LIN publications on:

  • Refresh of Factsheet 6, Design principles for Extra Care Housing
  • Refresh of our Strategic Housing for Older People Resource Pack
  • working with the CIH to produce a joint case study report on new innovative models of housing for older people
  • in partnership with Foundations, the national body for HIAs, to publish a joint case study report on HIA contributions to relieve the pressure on the NHS through effective home from hospital services

A variety of regional case studies, reports, blogs and viewpoints including:

  • A selection of housing with care exemplars from Wales
  • Innovative housing design case studies by leading architects
  • Co-designing with local communities
  • A new briefing on Extra Care Housing and PRS

If you would like further information any of the above or would like to discuss other projects that you think will be of interest to the Housing LIN, email us at

In the meantime, our most recent newsletters, Housing with Care Matters, also list the most recent 'calls for information' should you wish to contribute to any of our forthcoming resources.