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APPG Housing and Care for Older People

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Housing and Care for Older People organises an Inquiry every two years. It has often taken forward the work begun by the 'Housing our Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation' (HAPPI) to advance our understanding and champion how we plan, design and deliver better accommodation for an ageing population and offer a better range of  housing choices as we age. Sponsored by Abbeyfield and with the Housing LIN as Secretariat, this latest Inquiry focusses specifically on the Regeneration of Outdated Sheltered Housing.

APPG Inquiry: Regeneration of Outdated Sheltered Housing

The latest APPG on Housing and Care for Older People Inquiry is on regenerating outdated sheltered housing and was launched by Inquiry Chair, Lord Best, at the APPG’s annual general meeting on 25 April 2023.

While the focus of the government’s recently announced Older People’s Housing Task Force is primarily on the supply of new, purpose-built retirement housing for an ageing population, this new Inquiry will look at how best to regenerate our existing supply of outdated sheltered housing – from modernisation and extensions to repurposing and replacing older stock and service models – for our 21st century expectations.

Further Details


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Terms of Reference

Inquiry Objectives

To explore the problems and opportunities arising from the age, condition and locality of ‘sheltered’ housing, i.e. accommodation built exclusively for older people, mostly by local authorities and housing associations from the 1960s to the 1990s.

To bring forward recommendations accordingly for the Government, local authorities, registered providers of social housing and private sector retirement housing operators.

Modus Operandi

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Housing and Care for Older People has establish an Inquiry Panel to take evidence – both written and in-person – on three aspects of regeneration of outdated housing for older people:

  1. Upgrading the service model: technology, housing management, customer experience.
  2. Upgrade, modernisation, and extension of outdated sheltered housing.
  3. Demolition, replacement, and repurposing outdated sheltered housing.

The Inquiry panel will meet approximately every three months over a period of a year, inviting interested parties to present evidence and discuss the issues raised, with site visits to a sample of sheltered housing schemes to be undertaken during the inquiry period.

Inquiry Membership

The Inquiry Panel comprises:


  • Lord Richard Best (Chair)
  • Peter Aldous MP (co-chair)
  • Baroness Kay Andrews
  • Baroness Liz Barker
  • Ruth Cadbury MP
  • Lord Ben Stoneham
  • Lord George Young of Cookham


  • Jonathan Jamison, Assistant Director, Adult Social Care, Newcastle City Council
  • Neil Revely, Chair Housing Policy Network/Adviser, ADASS/LGA
  • Hugh Owen, Director of Strategy and Public Affairs, Riverside
  • Kathryn Fox-Rogers, Chief Operating Officer, Johnnie Johnson Housing
  • Paul Teverson, Director of Communications, McCarthy Stone
  • Abdul Ravat, Head of Development & Relationships, Abbeyfield
  • Paul Tennant, CEO, Abbeyfield
  • David McMahon, Director, Ryder Architecture
  • Mick Rose, Resident, Housing 21
  • Samantha Rowland, Head of Health Care and Senior Living, BNP Paribas
  • Jeremy Porteus, Chief Exec, Housing LIN

Inquiry Secretariat

Jeremy Porteus, CEO of the Housing Learning and Improvement Network (LIN) and Lois Beech, Consultancy and Partnerships Manager at the Housing LIN are acting as Secretariat for the Inquiry.


This APPG is grateful to Abbeyfield (opens new window) for their sponsorship of this Inquiry.


  • First Inquiry Session - 20th June 2023
    Topic: Inception Meeting
  • Second Inquiry Session - 5th September 2023
    Topic: upgrading the service model: technology, housing management, customer experience.
  • Third Inquiry Session - 14th November 2023
    Topic: demolition, replacement and repurposing of outdated sheltered housing
  • Fourth Inquiry Session - 10th January 2024
    Topic: upgrade, modernisation and extension of outdated sheltered housing
  • Fifth Inquiry Session - 6th March 2024
    Topic: conclusions and recommendations


For enquiries relating to this inquiry, contact:

Press Release

Making a Submission

The APPG Inquiry into Regeneration of Outdated Sheltered Housing is calling for evidence about sheltered/retirement housing in the social and private sectors including from a range of tenures, social rent, affordable rent, leasehold, sale and shared ownership.

Funded by Abbeyfield, the Inquiry is happy to receive comments/evidence on any aspects of any of these matters:

  • Upgrading the service model: technology, housing management, customer experience
  • Upgrade, modernisation, and extension of outdated sheltered housing
  • Demolition, replacement, and repurposing outdated sheltered housing
  • Improvements in sheltered/retirement housing asset management e.g. decarbonisation agenda, energy efficiency, digital switchover, disrepair.

Thank you for taking the time to share your evidence with the Inquiry.

Please email this document to the Inquiry Secretariat at

The deadline for submission is Friday, 23rd February 2024.