DH Extra Care Housing Fund 2007 - 2008


Summary of Successful bids to DH ECH Fund 2007-08 (opens new window)

Speaking at the Laing & Buisson Extra Care Housing conference on 8th February 2007, Ivan Lewis, Secretary of State for Social Care announced 14 successful bids for the Department of Health's £40million 2007/2008 Extra Care Housing fund. The successful bids from authorities with social services responsibilities are a mix of new build and remodelled schemes. The authorities are:

  • Bolton
  • Bristol
  • Derby
  • East Sussex
  • LB Greenwich
  • LB Richmond
  • LB Southwark
  • Luton
  • Northumberland
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Oldham
  • St Helens
  • Sheffield
  • Stockport

Extra Care Housing Fund 2007-2008 - Announcement by the Department of Health

£40m is available for 2007 -2008 to develop new extra care housing places in England in areas where need has been demonstrated (as reflected in relevant strategies, particularly local Supporting People strategies and regional housing strategies) and which:

a. Provide a significant and demonstrable health impact for older or other people with long term conditions

b. Provide independent housing with access to on-site 24 hour support and care

c. Contribute to the range of solutions to prevent unnecessary admissions into hospital or residential care; and/or assist in reducing delayed transfers of care from hospitals

d. Demonstrate an inclusive approach as although the fund is primarily focussed on older people, bids for extra care housing for adults with long term conditions including learning disabilities, physical disabilities, dementia, mental health and other conditions are eligible for consideration


  • August 2006 invitation to bid and supporting documents issued
  • 3 October 2006 - bids to be received by the Department of Health. Bids will be accepted electronically from Monday 25 September 2006 to midnight Tuesday 3 October 2006.
  • Spring 2007 - results announced

The Bidding Guidance and the other bidding and reference documents can be found below