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Personal Stories

TAPPI uses a Champions' model for co-production, with 17 members from staff and tenants across the six locality testbeds. Facilitated by Co-production Works, the group leads co-production in their testbed and ensures the voice of their tenants is heard.

The Personal Stories below are shared by the Champions and cover the positives and negatives of digital technology and how it affects their lives.

Tenants Champions Stories

Read Paul's Story

"I go out two or three times a week into town and I feel safe. I would have never done that before."

Read Vicky's Story

"I have my phone and a tablet but I'm a real technophobe!"

Read Debra's Story

"We need more education around how to use technology."

Read Marilyn's Story

"I’d like technology that could give me more control and independence. That’s why I’m involved with TAPPI."

Read Rosemary's Story

"Technology shouldn’t take away human contact."

Read Alice and Peter's Story

"I want to open up technology for other tenants ... it will keep them in their own flats for longer"

Staff Champions Stories

Read JP's Story

"I think being a good carer is all about listening. You listen with your mind open, your ears open, your heart open"
JP, Housing 21 Care Worker at Dairy View, Wiltshire County Council.

Read Steven's Story

"The TAPPI project has really opened up how care can and should be delivered."
Steven Plume, assistant manager at Southend Care.

Read Elisabeth's Story

"Some residents fear their privacy will be invaded"
Elisabeth Hart, Occupational Therapist (OT) working as part of the TAPPI project at Dairy View, Wiltshire County Council.

Read Darshan's Story

"Lots of residents want more control over day-to-day tasks like opening their curtains and switching on lights"
Darshan Savani, TAPPI project manager at Haringey Council

Do you want to give your tenants and staff a platform to share their experiences? In order to encourage and help others to do so, we're sharing 10 top tips for creating authentic Personal Stories here (opens new window).


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TAPPI Phase 2 is funded by The Dunhill Medical Trust (DMT) and supported by the Housing LIN and the TSA.

Following the recruitment of a Co-Production and Engagement partner, an Evaluation and Shared Learning partner, and 6 locality 'testbeds', the programme is co-produced with the successful applicant organisations over a 12-15-month period.