Evaluation and Shared Learning Partner

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The TAPPI project partners are delighted to be joined by the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research (CCHPR) at University of Cambridge in this second phase.

The role of the evaluation and shared learning partner will be to:

  • collate the qualitative and quantitative results from the locality 'testbeds' at both an individual tenant/person level and at service level, by producing an evaluation methodology and framework, which captures real-time data.
  • ensure that the evaluation methodology and framework would enable organisations to carry out ongoing evaluations themselves (both those within the TAPPI programme and other organisations) as a methodology they can make use of in future
  • ensure that the continuous evaluation of the programme leading to the creation of an overall evaluation and benefit realisation report to inform the final Framework.
  • report and feed into partners’ TAPPI2 communications and shared learning activities.

Evaluation and shared learning are essential to ensure:

  • the programme can provide case studies and best practice examples which will aid and inform others seeking to adopt the TAPPI principles.
  • we bridge the existing knowledge gap by developing a central place to collate, curate and access knowledge drawing on sector expertise and newly-created content from the learning taking place.

'This collaborative research has significant potential for real world impact as the TAPPI principles are translated from theory into practice. Housing, care and health are closely interconnected and cannot be considered in silos and new technologies are an opportunity to facilitate positive individual and service level outcomes across these areas. We are delighted to be part of the team that helps embed the TAPPI principles in service delivery and shares learning to support best practice.'

Dr Gemma Burgess is Director of the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research at the University of Cambridge


TAPPI Phase 2 is funded by The Dunhill Medical Trust (DMT) and supported by the Housing LIN and the TSA.

Following the recruitment of a Co-Production and Engagement partner, an Evaluation and Shared Learning partner, and 6 locality 'testbeds', the programme is co-produced with the successful applicant organisations over a 12-15-month period.