Co-Production and Engagement Partner

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The TAPPI project partners are delighted to be joined by Co-Production Works in phase two.

The role of the co-production partner will be to ensure:

  • The views of people who draw on services both current and future, their families and carers and housing organisations involved in the 'testbed' sites are reflected in the programme and inform the final Framework.
  • Those views continue to be heard and acted upon after the project ends by embedding them as part of “business as usual” in the future delivery of housing and care services by equipping the organisations which deliver the services with the capabilities and tools to do so.
  • The views of commissioners on the challenges of incorporating tech enabled solutions into their services. How best they can be supported particularly those exploring tech enabled care for the first time.

Co-production is essential to ensure:

  • Digital citizenship – empowering and equipping consumers to make informed choices that are person centred and demonstrating the benefits of technology.
  • Digital inequalities are overcome by co-creating solutions that prevent further digital exclusion.
  • Exploring and understanding the barriers to tech-enabled care and/or opportunities for mainstream technologies to support independence.

‘I am delighted to be a part of TAPPI2 which is a unique opportunity to explore how technology can contribute to person centred care. I bring to TAPPI2 many years of experience of developing co-production in complex programmes. I will use this to make sure that the voices of people who draw on social care support will be at the heart of TAPPI2.’

Pete Fleischmann, Co-Production Works

'I am thrilled to be part of leading the co-production on the TAPPI2 Project.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to combine my skills and learning from leading projects with people living and working in later life housing, my expertise in co-production, with my passion to improve the quality of life for older people.'

Jolie Goodman, Co-Production Works


TAPPI Phase 2 is funded by The Dunhill Medical Trust (DMT) and supported by the Housing LIN and the TSA.

Following the recruitment of a Co-Production and Engagement partner, an Evaluation and Shared Learning partner, and 6 locality 'testbeds', the programme is co-produced with the successful applicant organisations over a 12-15-month period.