Homes and communities

Well-designed housing and related support services in the community can enhance many aspects of life in old age beyond physical health and mobility. As people age they are at greater risk of social exclusion, loneliness and isolation, and mental health problems such as depression. 

To further the sector’s understanding, we are also pleased to be a member of an ESRC research project with the School for Policy Studies at University of Bristol and the International Longevity Centre UK on promoting social inclusion in housing with care and support for older people in England and Wales. The Diversity In Care Environments project (opens new window) is looking into ways in which older people are made to feel included and valued in housing schemes with care and support services.

The resources below contain information on the impact that home design and environment, as well as the community the individual lives in, has on managing loneliness and isolation. These include reports on best practice, highlights of the aims and values that home design feature to encourage sociability, independence and opportunity for community engagement, publications on how rural and urban living distinctly affect individuals’ social connections.