Other strategies of relevance to planning applications / Identifying Needs

Planning applications

In building a case to support a planning application a number of other strategies and publications can be useful.

Corporate local authority Community Strategies, Housing Strategies and Adult Social Care publications are increasingly recognising the need for specialist accommodation to address the ageing population.

SHOP@ (opens new window) is a useful and free online analysis tool to help local authorities and providers identify potential demand for different types of specialist housing in England. Using data generated by Elderly Accommodation Counsel's national records, SHOP@ (opens new window) places the emphasis on the local. It can interpret local information at a unitary/county level or for individual districts. This can help shape decisions on the how, what and where to develop specialist housing for older people.

Strategic Housing Market Assessments are also now looking at the impact of the ageing population on the housing market and provide useful context for justifying the need for a new development.