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Platform Housing is the largest housing association in the Midlands and one of the largest in the country, owning over 47,000 homes.

Over the last 3 years, we have built more social and affordable homes in England than any other social housing provider and are committed to digitally enabled support delivery that gives our customers choice, increases satisfaction and enables a ‘home for life’.

'We are a proud partner in Phase 2 of the TAPPI journey and are looking forward to playing a key role in helping to drive innovation and digital change that will improve the lives of older and vulnerable people.'

Marion Duffy, Chief Operating Officer at Platform Housing Group

This TAPPI project is delivered in partnership with Community Housing TECS


TAPPI Phase 2 is funded by The Dunhill Medical Trust (DMT) and supported by the Housing LIN and the TSA.

Following the recruitment of a Co-Production and Engagement partner, an Evaluation and Shared Learning partner, and 6 locality 'testbeds', the programme is co-produced with the successful applicant organisations over a 12-15-month period.