Spotlight on Extra Care Housing videos

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What is Extra Care Housing?

The first video of the series documents the importance of ECH with viewpoints from across the sector, including residents, housing and care providers, and industry professionals.

Designing Homes for Extra Care

A look at the design process and philosophy behind designing a successful ECH scheme, featuring several case study developments with outstanding or innovative design features.

Living with Dementia in Extra Care

This film draws on the personal stories of Extra Care residents living with dementia, and their partners.

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Making extra care housing go viral – a reabling and caring environment

In this video we look at the provision of reablement support and care delivery in an ECH scheme.

A Digital Revolution in Extra Care Housing

As more aspects of our everyday life become digital older people's expectations and attitudes toward technology are changing fast.

Bridging the Health and Housing Gap

Increasingly, people working in both the housing and health sectors are looking for ways to bridge the gap between their organisations and offer better solutions for those in need of care and support.

The Future for Extra Care Housing

In this film, contributors to the series consider the possible future for ECH, and outline ways in which the specialist housing market might adapt to our changing society.

Listening to residents in extra care housing: findings from the ECHO research project

This is the first of two videos on The ECHO Project which documents the key objective of the project: to gain residents' first-hand perspective on living within their extra care scheme.

Influencing policy and operations: outcomes from the ECHO research project

This film looks into the ECHO project’s more professional approach, documenting the findings of dialogue between commissioners and managers from ECH schemes.


We would like to thank the sponsors of this series for their generous support and help in making these films possible.