A Digital Revolution in Extra Care Housing

As more aspects of our everyday life become digital older people's expectations and attitudes toward technology are changing fast.

In this edition of the Housing LIN's 'Spotlight on Extra Care' series, we look at the many different applications of technology in an Extra Care setting, including security, improving health and social care, and enabling a richer later life experience. We hear from housing providers embracing digital in their new developments on the importance of preparing for the expectations of future generations, alongside anecdotes from current residents at the frontline of this digital revolution.

Directed and produced by Chris Powell for the Housing LIN, this series was made possible by the generous support of these organisations:

Thanks also to Prof. Rose Gilroy of the Future Homes Project in Newcastle, Dr. Robert Stewart of the Design & Learning Centre for Clinical & Social Innovation in Kent, Anne Tidmarsh of Kent County Council, Shelagh Robinson and Jeremy Porteus for their help in making this film

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