The Future for Extra Care Housing

"A lot of the time we're thinking about 'Where shall I live?' But the bigger question is 'How? How will I live? How do I want to be supported? Who do I want to live with me?'"

In this film, contributors to the series consider the possible future for Extra Care Housing, and outline ways in which the specialist housing market might adapt to our changing society. From Co-housing and intergenerational living, to specialist schemes, new urban centres and digital integration - the possibilities are as diverse as our older generation themselves.

But we are also reminded of some crucial factors for success: funding, private investment, legislative change and, perhaps most importantly, listening to the people with lived experience. We hope this series has contributed to this last point, and look forward to bringing you more as the future for Extra Care Housing unfolds.

Directed and produced by Chris Powell for the Housing LIN.

This series was made possible by the generous support of these organisations:

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