The anatomy of resilience: helps and hindrances as we age

These reports from the Social Services Improvement Agency looks at the published evidence from Wales, the UK, and further afield on ageing and links to an 'anatomy of resilience' in Wales.

The principal goal of the Social Services and Well-being Wales Act is to enable people as they age to overcome the barriers which prevent them from achieving and maintaining well-being. It aims to do so as far as possible without having to turn to formal social care interventions.

These reports make a significant contribution to the literature, designed so that people can find their way readily and quickly to the best evidence that exists, including a better understanding of the voices of older people, and reference to home, housing and the wider environment.

Following on from the publication of these reports, the SSIA have also produced a video (available in English and Welsh - click on links below). These feature a group of older people and carers and asks them what they thought about the emerging messages from the findings and covers themes such as independence and isolation and explore some of the reasons why we don't always ask for help. Most importantly, it outlines what matters day to day and what helps with planning for older age.