North Tyneside Living: an integrated housing, health and social care model to deliver preventative and enabling sheltered housing services

Cover case study 98

Housing LIN Case Study no 98 - In the UK, the government is questioning our readiness for an ageing population, with concerns about housing provision and the restructuring of and reduction in, services to support older people. This paper reports on an innovative service partnership in North Tyneside, between housing, health and adult social care, for the delivery of a preventative and enabling sheltered housing service. This service delivery model provides support for all aspects of a rich and satisfying life, from nurturing and/or maintaining social engagement and activities, to promoting good physical health, or supporting people to manage their chronic conditions and disabilities. There is evidence to suggest that this new model promotes prevention and brings services to the older tenant. Furthermore, whilst this service delivery model is cost effective in monetary terms, it is equally important that tenants indicate that it improves their quality of life.