Lessons learned from Isolation During a Pandemic

Cover Archadia Isolation

This slidepack by Archadia, part of their Home of the Future programme, explores how innovation in home design and the changing behaviours of home-dwellers will improve infection-control within the home environment. Each design element featured within the pack aims to meet the requirements for the government's Home of 2030 programme - which are: accessibility, hygiene, environment and cost.

Among the 10 design elements, adaptations and habits listed in the slidepack are:

  • Smart features: wireless lighting systems, smart thermostats and virtual assistants - to reduce the frequency of contact with surfaces that are usually frequently touched
  • Additional floor area - so that those staying at home have extra storage, office space and exercise
  • A storage/shower room near the front or rear door with plumbing and ventilation - so that key workers can immediately remove their clothes and shower as they enter the house

This slidepack builds on their April 2020 Housing LIN guest blog ‘Are you ready to be isolated? Wellbeing lead approach to live/work housing’.