Housing for Older People in Wales: An Evidence Review

This report and accompany recommendation from the Public Policy Institute for Wales, commissioned by the Welsh Government, sets the scene for discussion on how the housing needs of an ageing population in Wales can be met:

  • Defining what is meant by an 'older' person and how older people are an extremely heterogeneous group in terms of income, class, health and support needs for example.
  • It provides a background to the current and projected demographic profile of the population in Wales (including limited information on housing tenure), thus providing an important insight for planning ahead.
  • In addition, this document details the current policy and funding context for housing in Wales, as well as the building and planning regulations.
  • The perspectives of older people and the accommodation options currently available for them in Wales are also discussed.
  • Finally, this document considers the bigger picture, drawing on cross-sector perspectives on the importance of an integrated approach towards managing the opportunities and challenges of an ageing population in Wales.