Housing and Health: A Good Practice Guide for NHS Wales

Health and Housing A Good Practice Guide for NHS Wales cover

Phase 1 of the all-Wales Bevan Exemplar project called ‘Building Bridges Between Housing and Health’ has delivered a good practice guide which has the potential to promote discussion and reflective practice between housing and health partners.

Dr Gareth Morgan is a public health practitioner based in West Wales. Since 2021, he has been leading on this project. The vision is for an all-Wales programme in which the ‘upstream’ public health determinants of wellbeing are improved through tackling housing related causes of illness.

An all-Wales Community of Practice of partners working across different sectors developed the good practice guide. It is still a work in progress so there may be future improved versions of this produced.

Colleagues are invited to use the good practice guide as a way to baseline their current work or generate new projects. Feedback on the good practice guide and suggestions for how to improve it further would be welcomed. Please address any comments or queries to Dr Gareth Morgan via: Gareth.Morgan5@wales.nhs.uk.