Extra Care Housing in Wales: A state of the nation report

Cover ECH in Wales

The supply of housing and the implications of an ageing population are two of the biggest challenges facing Wales. Wales is not alone - either in the UK or in western Europe - in facing those challenges. However, as a nation, it has not explored as fully as other countries the role extra care housing could play in addressing them.

This report sets out a powerful case for encouraging and facilitating new extra care housing developments in Wales. It highlights the high quality of accommodation, care and services already offered by several schemes cited in this excellent State of the Nation report.

As it illustrates, there is mounting evidence that extra care housing improves the health and wellbeing of residents, benefits local communities by offering employment and freeing up family housing and reduces demand for health and social care services. It also encourages key services such as the NHS and social care to work more closely together in genuine partnerships. And finally, it makes a number of recommendations that should be looked at to ensure that extra care housing in Wales as a central plank of housing policies and provision for older people over the coming decades.

Also available in Welsh language version.