Benchmarking the situation of older people in Wales: The UK Ageing Index

Benchmarking the situation of older people in Wales COVER

Produced by Swansea University and the Centre for Ageing & Dementia Research, this report enables the comparison of the wellbeing of older people in Wales to that of their peers in the other countries of the UK, considering key domains of income security, health status, capability and the enabling environment.

This index, based on the Global AgeWatch Index (opens new window), aims to offer decision-makers, in both the public and private sectors, access to a framework that monitors wellbeing in a multidimensional way, using a measure that captures the complexity of the nature of ageing and later life.

Analysis of the National Survey for Wales and the UK Household Longitudinal Survey is used in order to gain a good understanding of the current situation of older adults in Wales within the key areas targeted by the Welsh Government's Strategy for an ageing society (opens new window): enhancing wellbeing, improving local services and environments, building and retaining people’s own capability and tackling age-related poverty.