Assessing the potential benefits of living in co-operative and/or community led housing

Assessing the potential benefits of living in co-operative cover

New research released today by Wales Co-operative Centre, with support from the Nationwide Foundation, has found that residents experience improved mental well-being and happiness as well as skills development from living in co-operative and community-led housing schemes.

Over 50 residents from 22 community led housing schemes across Wales and England were interviewed, as well as a further 14 staff from nine of the providers. The top  benefits that residents highlighted were:

  • Residents felt less isolated, being surrounded by a supportive network
  • Improved mental well-being and happiness
  • A better quality of life with the potential for skills development and increased levels of confidence, as well as a better financial situation
  • Wider benefits to the community including a reduction in antisocial behaviour and greater community collaboration

With more than 30 schemes already in place across Wales, communities can be created for various purposes and shared visions. Where some schemes have been created to make housing more affordable for residents, others have been developed for people who want an improved lifestyle and support network.