A decade of austerity in Wales? The funding pressures facing the NHS in Wales to 2025/26

This report by the Nuffield Trust reveals that funding for the Welsh NHS is being reduced in real terms whilst the demand pressures on acute and non-acute health services continue to rise. It predicts that with a 26% increase of the over 65s population, the number of people with chronic conditions rising and staff pay rises in line with inflation, there is likely to be a funding gap of £2.5 billion for the NHS in Wales by 2025/26.

The report outlines the current pressures on inpatient and outpatient care and wider primary care services in Wales and steps recommended to achieve better conditions management and efficiency savings. While there is no specific mention of housing or at home care and support services, it offers useful diagnostics on the pulse of the NHS in Wales over the coming decade and may provide insight on how housing can best contribute within local health and social care economies.