SHOP@ projecting future need

SHOP@ is now widely recognised across the public and private sector as a key tool to project the need for the development of older people’s housing and care services.

With a continually changing market and the financial challenges faced by commissioners and developers, SHOP@ helps gain a better understanding of this changing business environment and more certainty over local market conditions.

In recent months we have been analysing SHOP@’s usage and assessing the extent to which we can continue to offer free access to the online SHOP@ tool. Given the need to also review the SHOP@ parameters to take into the increased complexity of the market it has been decided to maintain the analysis available on the website but limit the scope of our free SHOP@ offer.

From now on, projected need data with improved and more relevant market analysis, at sub-authority level, as well as any bespoke SHOP@ assessments to meet your specific requirements, will be available on a paid for basis.