Consultancy - Delivering the detail, reducing the risk

A highly regarded resource and endorsed by the Department of Health, the SHOP@ website predicts future housing and care needs for older people from nationally agreed benchmarks.

In order to help you better understand your housing for older people marker, our SHOP@ consultancy has been established to enable you to prioritise local service development. Using locally researched data and analysis we can offer you bespoke technical support as follows:

SHOP@ Consultancy support - a 5 Star Service

  • Sub authority needs analysis to MSOA (middle super output area) level
    Allows changing populations profiles to predict areas of high future needs.
  • Uses locally defined projections rather than national benchmarks
    Takes current local capacity into consideration. With residential care varying from 102 per 1,000 older people to 0 and extra care 62 to 0 national averages can only provide a benchmark for prioritisation rather than accurate future numbers
  • Predicts future trends from local commissioning strategies rather than fixed figure
    Ability to amend prevalence rates over time to compensate for expected changes in need. For example, if local commissioning strategy is to reduce residential care placements and develop extra care housing, residential figures can be reduced and extra care housing increased.
  • Calculates needs ratio for each msoa to prioritise investment
    A formula that ranks MSOA areas across a given area depending on % local need against % local capacity
  • Mapping service to highlight community needs
    An opportunity to display SHOP@ results in community mapping format

SHOP@ Consultancy can support your:

  • Market position statements
  • Strategic housing assessments
  • Local development and planning frameworks
  • Asset management planning
  • Community /stakeholder engagement activities

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