Morgan Tume Appleby Blue Centre Manager, United St Saviour’s Charity

Morgan manages a space in an innovative and pioneering sheltered housing scheme for United St Saviour’s Charity; a purpose-built, modern almshouse with 57 beautifully designed homes with a roof garden and a community kitchen and centre. She joined the newly formed Appleby Blue team as Centre Manager, to create an inclusive environment which integrates housing support services with social engagement activities, including intergenerational and volunteer opportunities.

In her previous roles, she had to have a bird’s eye view of everything that is happening within the voluntary and community sector, from understanding needs and demands of different communities across Southwark and the complexity of inner cities to knowing what’s happening internally for large and small organisations.

Morgan is in the final stages of completing a master’s in psychology. Her research is to advance knowledge around the ‘social cure theory’ that explains how being connected to the community, building relationships and social groups, or volunteering can improve your health. She is keen to mobilise a hyper local social prescribing network, local community groups and neighbourhood, in order to showcase the glamour of retirement and refocusing passions at a later stage of life.

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