Room for large and small digital providers to influence the market and promote best practice for customers in a digital Hybrid world.

We support the Technology for our Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation (TAPPI) Inquiry report as it aspires to ensure there are customer influenced digital solutions in the future built into all homes.  It builds on the success of the previous HAPPI reports in influencing good and care adaptable design and will help to influence the future to ensure digital inclusive housing, which will be of particular benefit to older and disabled persons.

We support the 10 key principles identified by the TAPPI Panel of co- produced, costs effective, choice led, interoperable, inclusive, outcome focused, person centred, preventative, quality focuses and adaptable.

We particularly support acknowledgement that digital solutions can influence the preventative and integration agendas which may also bring forward more innovative collaborative working within the Housing, Health and Social Care environments which can only be a benefit for customers.

To give greater confidence and impact for digital solutions, we agree that there is a need for a ‘kite mark’ or framework of approved digital suppliers and solutions.  We also think there is a need for better evidence, as chapter 4 suggests, to show how preventative technologies and digital infrastructure are cost effective.  We were disappointed that there was no call for specific R&D funding to demonstrate these savings and although pleased that there was a suggestion that DFG funding is reformed to incorporate digital solutions that there was no call for digital solutions to be explicitly incorporated into the Housing Benefit Regulations.

At Sparko TV, however, we recognise that we are now living in a ‘Hybrid’ world where customers have given us feedback that they prefer a mix of digital and face to face interaction and our innovative digital solution allows this by building virtual communities in a ‘safe environment’.  Our system, which works through a set top box and a customer’s existing TV, is simple to operate and navigate for older persons allowing tow way communication.

Our customers can have a mix of interactive personal learning to enhance their wellbeing.  They can choose to interact with others or to participate in tailored learning or exercise opportunities.

Our customers can also choose to join together in virtual quizzes with others from one side of the country to another, such as our work with Royal Navy Veterans or from one local community where our online Covid coffee meeting groups are now meeting in a local park for a coffee and chat.

You can also read a previous Housing LIN guest blog on Sparko TV’s work with Anchor on ‘Digitally connecting the digitally excluded'.

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