Supporting People budget protected

The Welsh Government publishing its 2-year revenue plans (2018-20) in October 2017 in order to provide some certainty and stability for local government and the health service as they plan for the future.

Notably, from a housing perspective the plan included:

  • No cuts to the Supporting People grant - an additional £10m will be allocated in each year to maintain 2017-18 levels
  • An extra £10m to tackle homelessness in each year, and
  • Releasing £340m, as part of our £1.4bn investment, towards the flagship commitment to build 20,000 affordable homes.

In addition, an extra £230m  revenue in 2018-19 and £220m in 2019-20 has been allocated for NHS Wales, and £90m for NHS  capital projects, as well as stating protection for social care.