Supporting People Living with Dementia in Extra Care Housing (DemECH) Project

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The Supporting People Living with Dementia in Extra Care Housing (DemECH) project (opens new window) was an 18-month study funded by the NIHR School for Social Care Research and led by the University of Worcester which uses a mixed methods approach to explore how Extra Care Housing (ECH) can help people to live well with dementia.

The Housing LIN was delighted to be a partner on the DemECH project, investigating the advantages and disadvantages of three different models of ECH:

  • separate area or unit for people living with dementia
  • an integrated approach by supporting people living with dementia alongside residents without dementia; and
  • schemes that are exclusive for people living with dementia.

The study findings resulted in Key Insight Booklets to guide future Extra Care Housing development alongside video and audio diaries sharing direct experience of people living with dementia and their experience of Extra Care Housing. These are targeted at commissioners, health and social care practitioners, older people, people living with dementia, and their families. Copies of the DemECH Insight Booklets, an accompanying infographic and videos, as well as a guest Housing LIN blog can be accessed below.

And if you find these of interest, the DemECH project will be featuring at this month’s Housing LIN virtual Summit – A Festival of Ideas – on the morning of Wednesday, 28 February. Register to join the free session.