Our Commitment to you for end of life care: The Government Response to the Review of Choice in End of Life Care

The Government commissioned the Review of Choice in End of Life Care (opens new window) to provide independent advice on improving the quality and experience of care for adults at the end of life, their carers and others who are important to them, by expanding choice.

The Review demonstrated clearly that high quality care and personalised care based on people's choices and preferences are inseparable.

People want to be given the opportunity to make choices relating to their end of life care, but they want their choices to be real choices, based on high quality end of life care services being available in all areas of the country and in all settings.

The Government's response sets out its commitment and a summary of the actions it will take to deliver it.

It outlines the detail of its vision to support and deliver the Commitment through greater personalisation, improvements to quality in all settings and strengthened accountability and transparency, including those people who wish to die at home or closer to home.