Bereavement & End of Life Care

End of life care

About 1% of the population die each year. At the beginning of the 20th century almost everybody died at home but by the end of the century it was down to about 20%. Nationally, about two-thirds of us would prefer to die at home.

End of Life Care is the care and support provided to people as their health declines and it is recognised that the end of their lives is approaching. It enables the supportive and palliative care needs of both individuals and their families to be identified and met throughout the last phase of life and into bereavement. It includes the management of loss, pain and other symptoms and the provision of psychological, social, spiritual and practical support.

The resources on these pages are intended to raise awareness among housing and care practitioners and providers of the current agendas and developments in practice around bereavement and end of life care. They also include tools that have been developed to assist with the provision of bereavement and end of life care services in the community.

The Housing LIN is pleased to share our learning, resources and insights working with housing with care providers on this webpage. We are also able to help develop your bereavement support services and approaches to end of life care planning. For more about how we can help support you in these extraordinary times email

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