Open Consultation - Housing adaptations service standards

This Consultation is now closed

At present the system for delivering housing adaptations in Wales is complex, which reflects the range of different funding sources and organisations involved in care and support arrangements.

The consultation sets out a range of standards that service providers of housing adaptations should work towards to make their delivery more consistent and fair throughout Wales. This includes setting expectations on communication and the quality of the service provided. The standards also include expected timeframes and provide clarity on what eligibility checks are required for each level of home adaptation. 

Housing and Regeneration Minister Rebecca Evans said:

We want to ensure that the system of providing housing adaptations is more straightforward and that people who request adaptations can expect a consistent standard of service. 

Housing adaptations bring essential benefits to individuals and their families’ mental and physical wellbeing, as well as helping to reduce pressure on frontline services. I want to create a housing adaptation system in Wales that is consistent and fair and easy to navigate for people who need extra support to stay in their homes. 

I hope to hear many more views from people who have experience of the system to help us make these standards as effective as possible.