Making change possible: a Transformation Fund for the NHS

This report by The Health Foundation and The King's Fund calls for a £1.5-2.1 billion a year dedicated Transformation Fund between now and 2020/21 to support long-term efficiency savings and help deliver new models of care.

Interestingly, it suggests that consideration should be given to generating funding through the development of the NHS estate into a long-term sustainable source of new income.

It notes that it might be possible to release capital relatively quickly by selling surplus estate and pooling this at a national level to fund transformation across the NHS.

Selling estate reported by NHS trusts and foundation trusts as surplus in 2014 could generate approximately £700m and that held by NHS Property Services might generate approximately another £30m.

It also explores other ideas such as leasing land for housing development and joint ventures with developers (see the link to some examples below).