From place-based to place-led: A whole-area approach to integrating care systems

From place-based cover

This report by SCIE highlights how local health partnerships can develop the goals for the NHS Long Term Plan.

The findings from the report come from interviews with senior sector leaders, where it aims to provide additional insights into designing integrated care systems - and details what system leaders can do to promote design and delivery of place-based integrated care.

Key points from the report are:

  • Local government plays a large role in place-based partnership
  • It is important to have a core group of highly skilled and experienced staff to support the local partnerships
  • System leaders are encouraged to think in terms of communities and neighbourhoods that local people can recognise

The report additionally details the:

  • Engagement and co-production plans with local citizens
  • Creating a workforce commitment to the locality
  • Realising the benefits of place-based systems.