EVOLVE for Vision - Building Evaluation Tool

Developed by the University of Sheffield through a research project funded by Thomas Pocklington Trust, EVOLVE for vision is designed to evaluate the suitability of an individual living unit for an older person with sight loss. It is a specialist version of the EVOLVE evaluation tool (opens new window). It can be used to make a more detailed assessment of a living unit to take account of requirements of people with sight loss.

EVOLVE for vision consists of a set of checklists ordered in the sequence of the rooms or spaces encountered in a walk through a dwelling. EVOLVE for vision was developed from research in extra care housing, but it can be applied to other forms of housing, such as sheltered housing or normal private houses.

Who is EVOLVE for vision aimed at?

Architects, housing providers, commissioners, individuals and researchers, can use the tool. It can be used on its own to check an individual dwelling or in conjunction with EVOLVE for a comprehensive evaluation of a housing development. EVOLVE for vision can be used to underpin the design and commissioning process with a firm evidence base. It can provide a rational basis for the evaluation and selection of alternative proposals in competitive procurement processes. It is also of use to housing managers in the long-term evaluation and upgrading of existing estates.