Coming Home: Tackling the Housing Crisis Together


This report, commissioned by the Archbishops of Canterbury & York, sets out actions for the Church, Government and other stakeholders, focusing on building better communities and homes, not just houses.

At the heart of the report are 5 core values; namely, good housing should be sustainable, safe, stable, sociable and satisfying.

The report highlights that around 8 million people in England live in overcrowded, unaffordable, or unsuitable homes and states: “That is not right”.  More specifically, it refers to meeting the needs of the most poor and vulnerable in society, including people with a disability.

The report recognises that housing provision does not often consider the needs of disabled people. In many parts of the country there is not enough accessible housing and some accessible and adapted homes are let to people who do not need them.

Housing needs to be properly accessible, especially for those disabled and needing particular care in their housing needs, so they feel safe in their homes. Housing for disabled people should also be sustainable and easily adaptable to future needs.

The report shares several examples where the Church is making a difference to housing in local communities. However, it goes on to make a number of recommendations to Government, calling for long term housing strategy, but also outlines what it will do in building new homes and strengthening communities, including establishing a Bishop for Housing and an executive team that will embed the new vision within the Church, and support dioceses in using their land well.