Combatting loneliness one conversation at a time: A call to action

Combatting loneliness one conversation at a time cover

This report by the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness details the learning points from working with 13 charities and businesses to respond to the challenge of loneliness.

The report provides:

  • Statistics on loneliness in the UK - that 38% of people with dementia said they lost friends after their diagnosis 
  • Personal accounts from people that have experienced loneliness 
  • A call to action for national leadership, and for standardised measures of loneliness - alongside a nominated lead Minister to drive action on loneliness across Government

The report states that the government, working together with trusts and foundations, should:

  • Stimulate innovation for solutions to loneliness
  • Provide seed funding for communities in need to come together for self-sustaining activities
  • Scale-up and spread promising approaches to outreach to lonely individuals