Building Better Places: The Planning System Delivering Resilient and Brighter Futures

This document from the Welsh Government gives planning policy guidance for local planning authorities and the development industry on priorities for the planning system to deliver post Covid-19, including an accessible and healthy environment. From a housing perspective, it states the crisis has also placed additional emphasis on the importance of well located, secure and affordable homes for people’s health and well-being.

The paper highlights the key existing planning policies and tools which should be used by all sectors in the environmental, social, cultural and economic recovery of Wales, recognising the continuing need for Planners to operate within a wider context of priorities and action at all scales.

While not ageing specific, it acknowledges that the planning system has an important role in supporting healthier lifestyles and reducing inequalities. This includes both direct and indirect opportunities such as the allocation of land for health facilities, ensuring good design and barrier free development, jobs and skills, improving air quality, soundscapes and protecting and improving access to recreation and natural green spaces. It points out that these can provide both physical and mental health benefits, improve well-being and help to reduce inequality.