About the Healthy New Towns Programme

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In September 2015, NHS England and Public Health England launched an ambitious new initiative to put health at the heart of new neighbourhoods and towns across the country. The resultant Healthy New Towns programme has three key aims:

  • To develop new and more effective ways of shaping new towns, neighbourhoods and strong communities that promote health and wellbeing, prevent illness and keep people independent;
  • To show what is possible when we radically rethink how health and care services could be delivered, freed from the legacy constraints (i.e. existing services) that operate in other areas; and
  • To accomplish the first two aims in a way that can be replicated elsewhere, making learning available to local areas and developers as well as other national programmes.

Below you will find background information on the HNT programme, including the Prospectus that invited applications to the programme, leading to partnership with 10 demonstrator sites. Further details can be also found on the NHS England website.

  • Healthy New Towns ProspectusPresenting the Healthy New Towns Prospectus, setting out the objectives of the programme.

  • NHS England Healthy New Towns - Following this link brings you to the NHS England website where you can find out more about how the NHS are working with housing developments to shape the health of communities, and to rethink how health and care services can be delivered.

  • Putting Health into Place - NHS England Healthy New Towns programme has released a leaflet introducing the 10 Healthy New Town Principles: Putting Health into Place. These principles will support partners in housebuilding, local government, healthcare and local communities to demonstrate how to create new places that offer people improved choices and chances for a healthier life.