Serious concern about outcomes for people with learning disabilities - three major reports published in one week

This week has seen the publication of three major reports, all of which raise serious concerns about extremely negative experiences, poor health and wellbeing outcomes, abuse, and in some cases, early deaths, experienced by some people with learning disabilities and / or autism.

One key concern raised by these reports is the number of children and adults with learning disabilities and / or autism who are still living in assessment and treatment units, often far from home, rather than in personalised community settings, despite the intentions of the national Transforming Care programme. 

As part of our knowledge exchange work, the Housing LIN has already been working with local authorities, CCGs and providers to widen housing choices for people with learning disabilities and/or autism. To bolster this, over the next year, the Housing LIN will be undertaking a programme of work with people from across health, housing and care, alongside people with learning disabilities and their families, to develop a better shared and practical understanding of how to create a better range of quality housing options for people with learning disabilities. Please get in touch with if you would like more information.