Panel Debates

1st Panel Debate: Innovations in dementia

Mel Knight, Group CEO of Castleoak, chaired this stimulating Panel Debate.

1st Panel DebatePanellists included: Helen Joy (BrunelCare), Damian Utton (Pozzoni Architects), Paul Watson (Guinness Care & Support), David Cockayne (Tunstall Telecom), Ruth Cooke (Midland Heart) and Philly Hare (JRF).

The Panel Debate considered the following:

  • What needs to be done to make housing organisations dementia-friendly? What are the panel members doing in their own organisation?
  • What is the extra in ECH for people with dementia? Is the panel aware of other housing models which can effectively support people with dementia to live well?
  • How is the design of ECH changing in the light of experience and evidence to better meet the needs of people with dementia and concurrent conditions, disabilities or impairments?
  • Is there evidence that assistive technology is being used effectively in ECH to improve outcomes for people with dementia and their family carers?
  • What is the future for ECH for people with dementia? Do members of the panel foresee a time when ECH completely replaces residential care, or is there still a place for care homes?

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