HAPPI Hour - Ageing well: Creating Healthy Homes and Sustainable Healthier Neighbourhoods

With the conclusion of the Older People’s Housing Taskforce, this is the second of two HAPPI Hour webinars in the Spring/Summer series that will focus on the Taskforce's emerging lessons.

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This FREE webinar will shine a spotlight on healthy ageing space and placemaking. It will share the latest insights, good practice and research on creating more socially resilient age-friendly communities and look at how wider physical infrastructure can achieve more inclusive and sustainable communities.

You will also hear from architects from P+HS showcasing their award-winning specialist housing designs, alongside speakers from the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL and the University of Bath.

An agenda/line-up of speakers to follow.


At our popular events, you will:

  • Watch and discover new extra care housing developments to find out about the design, development and operational management arrangements so that you can explore solutions that can transform your ‘offer’;
  • Listen to the latest practice, research, new funding initiatives, innovative products or projects so that you have the insight and intelligence required to improve your service delivery; and
  • Learn about the current sector issues so that you are up-to-date and better positioned to respond to the latest policy and innovative operational developments.

Join our HAPPI Hours to network with us and to test out your ideas or share your experiences with industry experts and fellow Housing LIN members in a relaxed atmosphere.

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