Submit a research project

The process of submitting an item should be simple and straight forward!

Click on the links below for instructions on how to download and complete the Project Overview and Researcher Details forms and return to

All relevant freely available research outputs and publications produced by academics and researchers on housing and care for older people should also be submitted for uploading on the HCOPRN webpages. Make sure that you have received the appropriate permissions from your funder, publisher etc. We may ask to see a copy!

Where possible a full text/pdf copy of the research should also be submitted. Or, where appropriate, weblinks to any journal articles, books and book chapters, presentations should be supplied.

How to submit your project

  1. Download and complete our Project Overview Form
  2. Download and complete our Researcher Details Form
  3. A separate form should be submitted for each lead researcher 
  4. Email your completed forms along with any supporting documentation to

If you have any questions please email