Old Moat Age-friendly Research


01/05/2012 - 31/01/2013


Southway Housing Trust


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The research investigated the 'age-friendliness' of the Old Moat ward in Manchester and set out to test the model of an 'Age-friendly City' developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The purpose of the study was to identify ways of improving the physical and social environment of the Old Moat neighbourhood and to consider the implications for other areas within the city.

Following key principles of the WHO guidance the programme prioritised the role of local older people in the research and key stakeholders who could influence the age-friendliness of the neighbourhood of Old Moat and the city of Manchester.


The Old Moat: Age-friendly Neighbourhood Report was published in April 2013. The report provides an overview of the research methodology and findings. It details the 114 recommended actions arising from the research which cover the following six WHO domains - Outdoor Space & Buildings; Transportation; Housing; Respect & Social Inclusion; Social Participation and Communication & Information.

With a wide range of recommended actions Southway Housing Trust in collaboration with the 'Age-friendly Working Group' and local older people will prioritise the actions which are achievable in the short term and which are aspirational for the future service planning and development.